Affordable Housing

We want to save our teachers, nurses, low income families and communities of color from being displaced. We want repeal Costa Hawkins so that newer apartments can be subject to rent control, and reform the Ellis Act so that families won't be evicted by greedy landlords seeking to make a jump in profits with new tenants.


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We also want real affordable housing. In the third quarter of last year, SF approved 181% of the demand for luxury housing, but only 16% of the need for low-income housing, and 13% of moderate income housing. Clearly, if we just leave it up to the developers, we’re going to have an excess of luxury apartments, while most low and middle income families continue to be displaced. Last year, SF voters approve a ballot to include 25% affordable housing in new apartment complexes. Yet in City Hall right now, the Mayor and his allies in the Board of Supervisors are trying to twist what is meant by 'affordable housing'. Who can really afford what the Mayor says is 'affordable housing'?


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