San Francisco Berniecrats Resolution to Abolish ICE

Whereas, the San Francisco Berniecrats support comprehensive, humane immigration reform and a path towards citizenship, including changes in local legislation to encourage non-citizen integration in the political process through measures such as Proposition N (2016).

Whereas, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has operationalized and institutionalized mass deportations in the post-September 11 era, incorrectly treating undocumented immigration as an issue of national security without considering the accompanying civil rights, dignity, labor rights, and circumstances of immigrants, many of whom have been perilously affected by imperialistic U.S. foreign policy and trade policy.

Whereas, ICE's oppressive, militaristic mission has recklessly endangered the lives of families and individuals in our communities over various presidential administrations, most recently culminating in the separation of families and the especially inhumane treatment of children.

Therefore be it resolved that the San Francisco Berniecrats call for the defunding and dismantlement of ICE's interior civil detention and deportation functions.

Further resolved that the San Francisco Berniecrats call for the City and County of San Francisco to immediately suspend all support and assistance to ICE or affiliated agencies, including the suspension of all police and City department actions against ICE protesters.

Further resolved that the San Francisco Berniecrats call for a transition to a humane immigration system that treats all immigrants with respect and equality, including equality with respect to civil rights, labor rights, and economic justice.

Further resolved that the San Francisco Berniecrats urge Sen. Bernie Sanders, Rep. Nancy Pelosi, Sen. Dianne Feinstein, and Sen. Kamala Harris to join our call for the defunding and dissolution of ICE.

SF Berniecrats Endorse Jane Kim #1, Weiss #2, Leno #3 for Mayor

SF Berniecrats Endorse Kim #1, Weiss #2, Leno #3 for SF Mayor

SF Berniecrats are proud to endorse Jane Kim #1 for SF Mayor.

Jane Kim has lead the fight for a $15 minimum wage in SF, for Free City College for all SF residents, has negotiated the highest rates of affordable housing in the country, and is currently working on Universal Early Childhood Education for children 0-4 years old. She has now also been endorsed by the national Our Revolution.

Jane Kim is fighting against lots of big money interests, so please donate and volunteer! If you'd like a chance to see her speak, check out upcoming events.


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SF Berniecrats Endorse Delaine Eastin for Governor!


Delaine Eastin is an experienced, confident, compassionate, and effective candidate who absolutely supports the values of the SF Berniecrats and happens to be a woman. She has a proven a proven history of standing up to Republican governor Pete Wilson and suing his ass, then using the win to dramatically reduce class sizes across the state. She delivers on her promises, and promises to bring SB562 through the finish line. We are extremely proud to make our endorsement for Delaine. Let’s make her the first female governor of California!



SF Berniecrats Endorse Michael Feinstein for Secretary of State


Michael Feinstein (NOT related to Dianne Feinstein!) has a proven track record of building public power to oppose military and corporate interests in CA communities. He understands the necessity for open source but insists on paper ballots and is deeply committed to election integrity. He cofounded the CA Green party and as mayor of Santa Monica was one of the top ranking Green Party officials. This is an opportunity to build further alliances between Berniecrats and Greens across the state.

SF Berniecrats Endorse Tony Kelly for D10 Supervisor


The SF Berniecrats voted unanimously to endorse Tony Kelly for SF District 10 Supervisor! Tony has been a neighborhood activist and organizer for 15 years, fighting for schools, parks, affordable housing, the homeless and environmental cleanup. He is the only major candidate who is not accepting corporate developer money, and is a member of the SF Berniecrats and Democratic Socialists of America.

As president of the Potrero Boosters, Tony lead efforts to save schools like Daniel Webster Elementary in 2006 and prevented public spaces like Starr King Open Space from become privatized in 2009. He co-created the city's first Green Benefit District began operating in 2015. He’s been leading a coalition in the environmental cleanup of Bayview Hunter's Point. For 10 years he has been working on efforts to create a public municipal bank in SF to fund affordable housing and resources for those left out of for-profit financial institutions. He has been pushing for more affordable housing out of developers, and has been working with the Coalition on Homlessness to ending family homelessness and increase funding for the arts through a hotel tax. He is also working with homeless advocates to create solutions for those on the street. 

The SF Berniecrats are excited to support Tony Kelly, and look forward to volunteering for his campaign.

SF Berniecrats Endorse Jovanka Beckles for AD15!


SF Berniecrats proudly endorse Jovanka Beckles for CA Assembly District 15! 

As a member of the Richmond Progressive Alliance elected to the Richmond City Council, Jovanka helped pass rent control in Richmond, raised the minimum wage, 'banned the box' so the formerly incarcerated have a second chance, helped create IDs for undocumented immigrants, and fought against Chevron's big money, pollution, and control over city hall. Jovanka was an educator, councilor and continues to work as a mental health specialist. 

The SF Berniecrats are very excited to support Jovanka - someone who will fight for the voiceless against big money interests in Sacramento. Jovanka is running a corporate-money-free campaign, so it's vital that we the grassroots support her candidacy by donating and volunteering for her!

SF Berniecrats Endorse Stephen Jaffe for Congress!


The San Francisco Berniecrats are very proud to announce our early endorsement for Stephen Jaffe for Congressional District 12 in San Francisco!

Stephen Jaffe was a legal volunteer for the Bernie Sanders campaign in Nevada during the Democratic primaries, and has proven his progressive credentials through action. As president of the South Beach D6 Democratic Club, he fought against dark money in San Francisco by introducing changes to the San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee (DCCC) bylaws, requiring Democratic Clubs to disclose their funding sources to the DCCC. This came on the heels of an intense election in which the SF 'RFK Democratic Club' laundered close to $1 million from Ron Conway, Airbnb and other investors to fund PACs for corporate Democrats in San Francisco. Stephen Jaffe is also an attorney who has fought for the disenfranchised. An example is that he represented six African American police officers against the City of Richmond for race-based discrimination.

Stephen is a staunch supporter of single payer healthcare for all (which Nancy Pelosi is against), getting the U.S. out of unnecessary wars, holding police accountable for their killings of unarmed people of color, ending the school to prison pipeline, fighting for affordable housing and against gentrification, defending women's rights, and fighting against climate change with clean energy. We look forward to supporting Stephen's campaign and finally giving speaker Pelosi "a run for her money"!

SF Berniecrats Endorse Gayle McLaughlin for Lt Governor!

SF Berniecrats proudly endorse Gayle McLaughlin for Lieutenant Governor!

Gayle McLaughlin for California Lieutenant Governor


Gayle McLaughlin is the co-founder of the Richmond Progressive Alliance (RPA), and served as the Mayor of Richmond 2006-2014, and its city council in 2004 and 2014. Gayle is a movement builder. She has led the fight against Chevron and it's corporate money, and has fought for rent control in Richmond. Through the RPA, a coalition of progressive across party lines - progressive Dems, Greens and independents that vow to not take any corporate money - Gayle has helped get many other progressives get elected into office. She was endorsed by Bernie Sanders himself back in 2014 for her city council race.

Gayle McLaughlin for California Lieutenant Governor

Dem Convention - Renter Protections

The Biggest News from the CA Democratic Convention that You Won’t Read Anywhere

By Dean Preston on Medium

Here’s some big news from this weekend’s California Democratic Party Convention that won’t make the papers: Delegates voted to pass a resolution expressing “the Support of the California Democratic Party in Protecting Renters from No-Fault Evictions and Illegal or Excessive Rent Increases and Support Rent Stabilization.”

You read that right: The California Democratic Party supports rent control and just cause for eviction.

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Single Payer's next step

Published in 48 Hills

On April 26, 2017, the Healthy California Act (S.B. 562) was passed with a 5-2 vote at the Senate Health Committee hearing in Sacramento.

The Healthy California Act (HC), also referred to as single-payer health care or Medicare-for-All, would guarantee health care to all California residents, regardless of legal status, age, or employment.

HC would offer a long-awaited alternative to our current healthcare system by eliminating premiums, deductibles, and co-pays. The plan includes comprehensive benefits and services, including all Medi-Cal, ACA, and CHIP benefits, which would be co-opted into the program through federal waivers.

Finally, patients would be free to go to any provider of their choice without being slammed by surprise out-of-network bills. HC would also prohibit out-of-network providers from charging patients for the same services provided by HC, therefore incentivizing health care professionals to join the program.

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