Medicare for All - CA SB562

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) made history by expanding health insurance to millions of Californians for the first time. However, it left insurance companies in charge of our healthcare system. Also, even with the ACA, 3,000,000 California residents are still uninsured.

The Healthy California Act, SB652, will cover guarantee healthcare to everybody, cover all aspects of healthcare, and reduce healthcare costs by take for profit insurance companies out of the equation.

Faced with a threat of the ACA's repeal, we need to lead the country to establishing a Medicare for All single payer system in CA. Over 80% of Californians already support single payer - we just need to make sure our legislators vote for it!

SB562 has now passed the CA State Senate, and is now onto the State Assembly. The Assembly Health Committee vote is likely coming up on or before July 11.

Call for SB562 Now!

Please call the assemblymembers below in support of SB 562! It should only take a few minutes, and will help build support for the upcoming Health Committee hearing and later Appropriations hearing.


Learn more:

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Join the SF Berniecrats Healthcare committee by emailing


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