Medicare for All - CA SB562

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) made history by expanding health insurance to millions of Californians for the first time. However, it left insurance companies in charge of our healthcare system. Also, even with the ACA, 3,000,000 California residents are still uninsured.

The Healthy California Act, SB562, will cover guarantee healthcare to everybody, cover all aspects of healthcare, and reduce healthcare costs by take for profit insurance companies out of the equation.

Faced with a threat of the ACA's repeal, we need to lead the country to establishing a Medicare for All single payer system in CA. Over 80% of Californians already support single payer - we just need to make sure our legislators vote for it!

SB562 passed the CA State Senate, but was shelved by Speaker Anthony Rendon.

Rendon issued a statement (which you can read here), which mentions vague concerns about "financing, delivery of care, cost controls, [and] the realities of needed action by the Trump Administration." However, the financials and cost controls are discussed in the CNA financing study (which Rendon fails to cite), and the bill does discuss the role of the Board in transitioning delivery and accommodating integrated healthcare delivery systems. If Rendon actually wanted to resolve his policy concerns on this bill, he would have met with stakeholders from Healthy CA, and allowed amendments to be added in the Health and Appropriations Committees. The financing could have been moved to a ballot proposition. Instead, while acknowledging the threat of ACA repeal, he ironically chose to hold the bill in its tracks and make a non-specific statement. The reason for Rendon's action may be Jerry Brown, who made a statement agreeing with Rendon. According to this Intercept article, which quotes Paul Song, Gov Brown is believed to be "doing everything he can to make sure this never gets on his desk."

The SF Berniecrats are continuing to do the following:

  1. Continuing to collect postcard signatures to build a support base for a ballot proposition
  2. Encouraging supporters to contact Rendon by phone/email
    • Anthony Rendon:
    • Sacramento office number: (916) 319-2063 (voice mailbox full; call Monday)
    • District office number: (562) 529-3250 (voice mailbox full; call Monday)
      • Sample script: "I strongly support SB 562, the Healthy California Act, because every Californian deserves guaranteed healthcare. I’m urging Speaker Rendon to stop making insider deals to delay this legislation. He must move SB 562 forward as the best solution to the federal attacks on our healthcare. No other solution saves billions and covers everyone in terms of medical, dental, vision, mental health care and more."
  3. Actively educating the public about single-payer healthcare
  4. Pressure our local Assemblymembers (Chiu and Ting) to ask Rendon to unshelve the bill.


Learn more:

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You can read the full text of SB562

Bernie Sander's Medicare for All Act of 2017 in the U.S. Senate

On September 13, 2017, Bernie introduced the Medicare for All Act to the Senate, with 15 co-sponsors from Democratic senators. We are glad that these Democrats are finally realizing what Americans want, and we hope that more will support the bill. We are very disappointed that Senator Dianne Feinstein and Speaker Nancy Pelosi have publicly said that they are not supporting the bill.

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