SF Berniecrats Endorse Jane Kim #1, Weiss #2, Leno #3 for Mayor

SF Berniecrats Endorse Kim #1, Weiss #2, Leno #3 for SF Mayor

SF Berniecrats are proud to endorse Jane Kim #1 for SF Mayor.

Jane Kim has lead the fight for a $15 minimum wage in SF, for Free City College for all SF residents, has negotiated the highest rates of affordable housing in the country, and is currently working on Universal Early Childhood Education for children 0-4 years old. She has now also been endorsed by the national Our Revolution.

Jane Kim is fighting against lots of big money interests, so please donate and volunteer! If you'd like a chance to see her speak, check out upcoming events.


The SF Berniecrats also believe that we need to take full advantage of San Francisco's Ranked Choice Voting system. Therefore we also endorsed our #2 and #3 candidates.

Our #2 candidate is Amy Farah Weiss, who is the founder of the St Francis Homelessness Challenge, with a focus on improving the conditions of encampent residents and creating safe, organized space for them to live.

Our #3 is Senator Mark Leno, who has been a pretty decent progressive voice in Sacramento.

As per our Bylaws, candidates must declare the rank when publicizing their SF Berniecrats Endorsement.



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