The Environment

Petition to get Oil Money Out!

Our planet is in such crisis because many of our legislators, Republicans and Democrats, take money from the fossil fuel industry. In California where we have a Democrat super-majority, we are the only major oil producing state that doesn't tax oil extraction. It's time to end the tie between the fossil fuel industry and CA's lawmakers.


Petition to Stop Fracking in CA!

First, state regulators discovered oil wastewater being pumped into our dwindling water supply. Then, scientists found oil companies selling oil wastewater laden with cancer-causing chemicals to farmers for irrigation. Sign the petition: Tell Gov. Jerry Brown to end fracking and extreme oil extraction in California NOW!


Petition to Stop Cap and Trade!

Don't fall for false solutions that don't deal with the root of the problem, but instead upholds capitalism. The cap and trade bill that Jerry Brown is promoting simply allows big polluters to pollute more, and David Chiu & Phil Ting all voted for it. That bill has given him the opportunity to shop it around to the rest of the country.


Petition to Support Ecuador's Sapara people

Take action to support the people of the Sapara territories in the Amazon, where the Equadorian government in allowing China to exploit for oil. Development by Andes Patroleum will cause genocide against the Sapara Nation and eradicate wildlife and rare medicine.


Defund DAPL

We've been pushing for San Francisco to divest from financial institutions that fund the Dakota Access Pipeline, just like Seattle did. We’re lobbying with the Defund DAPL Coalition and some of our SF supervisors to ensure that the city properly divests.


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